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Peter Vasquez


Date of Birth: 4/19/91

Equipment: ghost drums 7 piece pearl reference snare,pearl icon rack,dw 9000 pedals, TRX cymbals, sp sticks.

Musical Inspirations: angra, hangar, symphony x, burning in hell

Warm-Up Ritual Before a Show: practice on my pad.

Other Bands: legend, ice storm, novareign, death riders

Top 5 Favorite food/drink: Stella beer,Hawaiian BBQ,

Top 5 Favorite Movies: the outsiders

Top 5 Favorite TV Shows: that 70 show, Malcolm in the middle the middle, Seinfeld, friends

Top 5 Favorite Books: Aquiles priester pshycotupus

Personal Words of Wisdom: don't try if you won't fight for what you believe.

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