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Eric Guerrero


Date of Birth:  Star Wars Day, 1990


Equipment:  Ibanez SG 500, Mesa M6 Carbine


Musical Inspirations:  Primus, Korn, (early) Metallica, Alice in Chains, Rammstein, Infected Mushroom


Warm-Up Ritual Before a Show:  Finger guns in the mirror


Other Bands:  E.ject


Top 5 Favorite food/drink:   Sushi, Thai food, Breakfast burritos


Top 5 Favorite Movies:  The Thing, Evil Dead, Terminator 2, The Avengers


Top 5 Favorite TV Shows:  South Park, Metalacolypse, Adventure Time, Bob's Burgers


Top 5 Favorite Books:  


Personal Words of Wisdom:  If you're too tired to kick ass then punch ass

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