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Diego Valadez

Vocals/ Keys

Date of Birth: 7/11/1991
Equipment: Roland Ax-Synth
Musical Inspirations: Tony Kakko, Tuomas Holopainen, Roy Khan, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, John Lord, Devin Townsend, Danny Elfman, John Williams, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and many more.
Warm-Up Ritual Before a Show: Tap tap tapping my fingers across my forearms.  I may look ridiculously nervous but it helps warm me up.
Other Bands: Cellador
Top 5 Favorite food/drink:  Rubys Burger, Itallian, Mexican,  Lemon Chicken, Sailor Jerry/ Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper
Top 5 Favorite Movies: Back to the Future, Universal Classic Horror Films, Sweeney Todd, Terminator 2, King Kong
Top 5 Favorite TV Shows: The Twilight Zone, Dragon Ball, That 70's Show, Gothom, The Whitest Kids U' Know
Top 5 Favorite Books: Dracula - Bram Stoker, Frankenstein - Mary Shelly, The Time Machine - H.G. Wells, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/ Through the Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain
Personal Words of Wisdom: Test the odds.  Even when things seem impossible, you may find that your goals are not unachievable.

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