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About Anthea

Anthea is a melodic, symphonic metal band from Los Angeles, CA  With influences from bands like Nightwish, Kamelot, and Wintersun, as well as scores from composers such as Hans Zimmer, John Williams, and Danny Elfman, the band create a unique theatrical sound blending progressive, power, and thrash metal elements, with a grand, cinematic edge.


The band began as a small side project formed by Diego Valadez (Cellador) in 2015.  While playing in Cellador, Valadez began writing some original material in his spare time with more symphonic and progressive metal elements.  After enough songs had been completed, Valadez decided to enter the studio to record an EP with the help of some lifelong musician friends including drummer Peter Vasquez (Angel Siniestro).  After deciding not to simply use his own name as the title, Valadez decided on the name Anthea for the project.  The intention was simply to have fun, record some songs with old friends, and be done with it.  However, Vasquez and Valadez realized how much they enjoyed jamming together and decided to put together an official band line up.


The duo brought on board their old friend, Juan Pina (Harpokrate), on guitar and screams.  Pina, in turn, brought along his former band mate Marcos Mejia (Warwind) on lead guitar, giving Anthea a much fuller sound.  On October 10th of 2015, Anthea gave their first live performance at the Whiskey a Go-Go in Hollywood, CA.  After things didn’t work out with their original bass player, the group made an announcement stating that they were in search of a new band member to fill the role.     Eric “EJ” Guerrero (E.Ject) was among those who responded.  He stood out among the crowd due to his similar musical influences, and background in multiple genres of heavy music.  When brought in to audition, the band were impressed not only by his musical abilities, but with how well his personality fit into the group which until that point had consisted of 4 guys who had known each other since high school.  And thus, the official incarnation of Anthea was born.  


The band released some demo songs as singles which quickly began gaining attention in the local metal scene.  Anthea began playing more live shows around Los Angeles, opening for various bands including Smile Empty Soul, Helion Prime, September Mourning, and many more.


In late 2019, Anthea announced that they would be entering the studio to re-record their singles as well as some new material for an official EP that would be titled “Illusion.”  It wasn’t long before the group were contacted by Rockshots Records.  The label suggested that instead of releasing an EP,  the band should consider recording a full length debut album.  If they did so, Rockshots would release the record under their label.  Anthea agreed and began working on more material.  


Illusion, the debut album from Anthea was released on October 23rd, 2020 under Rockshots Records.  The album has received many positive reviews from several magazines, blogs, and podcasts.  The three singles “Moirai”, “Illusion”, and “Reach”, have all gone on to receive international play on various rock and metal radio stations.



Anthea symphonic metal band
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